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How To Make Your Holiday Shopping Exciting Amid Omicron Cases

The world is currently fighting with several variants of Covid-19. The new variant Omicron has been of concern due to its rapid transmissibility. The risk of transmission and falling prey to the virus is increasing by the day and so are the number of cases. Enjoying the festive season has somewhat become a challenge with all the social distancing and other stay-safe measures being taken by people. Shopping has become stressful rather than exciting. Here we bring you ways to make this tough time easy along with experiencing the excitement of online shopping in Chile this festive season.

Covid-19 Cases in Chile

Covid-19 cases have been making an impact on the entire world. The cases have been on the rise ever since the first case was detected. New variants are knocking on the doors, new waves are expected, all in all, a lot is happening in the world, as far as Covid is concerned. In a way, it can be said the entire world has welcomed the new normal and is trying to strive and survive the upcoming. There are on average 1500 new Covid cases detected every day in Chile. Even the new Omicron variant has made its way and is in there. The situation is getting worse by the day. The hysteria in the people due to covid can be eased with the positivity of the holiday season.

Ecommerce/Holiday seasons impact

The discovery of Omicron Covid-19 cases had a huge impact on holiday shoppers. As the number of cases is on the rise, people are getting apprehensive about shopping. They are avoiding crowded places and practicing social distancing in order to be safe. The following points will throw some light on the impact of Covid-19 on the holiday season and holiday shoppers.

More online shopping

As the threat of pandemics is increasing, customers are preferring to buy most of the stuff online. Most e-commerce websites are offering contactless delivery services. In order to keep the customers safe, cash on delivery is avoided and various payment methods are introduced. There are various websites where you can do online shopping in Chile.

More planned and researched shopping

Even if a customer plans to shop personally in a retail showroom, they do extensive research on the object to be bought beforehand. The sole purpose of such research is to spend less time in the store and avoid exposure to the virus. People tend to remain indoors as much as possible as it is a known fact that the virus is airborne as well.

More digitized way to shop in-store

All shopping stores are now allowing digitized payments. To avoid any contact through currency online payments and QR codes are very common. Cash payments are very scarce since pandemic has played its cards.

Make your holiday shopping exciting on ElContainer

In the midst of the pandemic online shopping is a big savior for those who want to shop and enjoy the festival season. ElContainer, one of the largest stores for online shopping in Chile, has come with exciting deals to make your dreams come true.

Safe and fast delivery following covid-19 norms

When shopping online the only concern in a customer’s mind is timely delivery, and with covid concerns, safe delivery is even more important. El Container brings you the biggest sale of the year along with measures to deliver your items safely and on time. 

Discounted and sale prices

El Container never misses a festive season, to bring you amazing products at very attractive prices. Christmas and new year are the time of the year when we like to shop for ourselves and our loved ones. Decorations are an integral part of a festive season. Almost all eCommerce websites offer heavy discounts at this time of the year.  

One-stop store to buy different products

El Container is a one-stop store for buying various products like linens, furniture, food supplements, home decor, outdoor, beauty, pets, technology, kids, drinks, international, and many more categories.

LINENS: Markers, Down Covers, Mattress Covers, Pillows, Towels, Bedsheets, Bedspreads, and Quilts, Blankets.

FURNITURE: Shoe racks, TV racks, Office chairs, Eames DSW Modern Chairs Folding table, Tables, Watchmen, Sofas, Desks.

HOME: Decor, Curtains, Terrace and Garden, Rugs, Kitchen, Tools, Organization, Armchair covers.

OUTDOOR: Sport, Suitcases, Tents, Swimming pools.

BEAUTY: Barber Shop, Perfumes, Jewels, Stretchers.

TECHNOLOGY: Illumination, Security Cameras, Audio, Drones, Smartwatches, Cell phones, Cell Phone Accessories, Manzana, KIDS, Cribs, Walkers, Cars, and chairs, Games, Accessories, Toys.

DRINKS: Mineral water, Juices, Energizers, Soft drinks.

Multiple payment options and easy EMIs

El Container provides different payment options to make shopping a comfortable experience for the customer. It is now simple to buy online in chile. The digitization in payment methods has brought a revolutionary change. The various payment methods available on El Container are given below:

  • Webpay online payment methods – pay by card.
  • Redcompra is a popular debit card payment option in Chile.
  • Almost all debit and credit card payment methods are available on the website.
  • Online payments and electronic transfers are also available.

To make it even simpler for the customer, El Container gives easy EMI plans to their customers. Along with heavy discounts, now you need not pay the entire amount, rather you can take your dream stuff home and pay later with easy EMIs. 


The world has never witnessed such a hysteric pandemic situation before. It is still unknown the extent of damage it will cause to the contemporary world. The paranoia among the people of the world is giving away a different picture altogether. At this moment it is necessary to pull yourself together in order to fight the unknown enemy and win the battle. And for the same reason, it’s very important to follow the various guidelines of wearing a mask and establishing a social distance whenever you are out of your house. Wash your hands regularly and use sanitizer wherever necessary. 

Limit contact at public places and keep your kids safe. We all are together in this because if we keep ourselves safe, we are keeping our community safe from this unknown virus. Covid-19 has a large number of mutations and is showing a new face every few months, which turns out to be deadlier than the previous one. It is advised to all, experience the felicity of Christmas and new year by staying indoors and letting go of your stress, and welcoming the excitement of the festive season by shopping online.

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