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Interview With a Female Blogger Archana Tiwari: Founder of BloggingTry

Today we have a special interview with a very special personality named Archana Tiwari. She is a part-time blogger & has achieved success in a very short time.

Her interview is helpful for newbies & bloggers who are still struggling throughout their blogging career for a long time.

She is an inspiration for newbies & also sets an example for females who think blogging can’t be done with household work.

We got an opportunity to have an interview with a famous blogger Archana Tiwari, who is the founder of BloggingTry.com.

BloggingTry is a popular blog for those who want to start a career in blogging. From this blog, you can learn how to start a blog & make money with a blog.

Let’s start the interview:-

First of all, Welcome to DigiTechTrends. Let’s Introduce Yourself!

First of all, I would like to say thank you for giving me this opportunity and inviting me to your blog for an interview. It would be the best movement for me when I share my thoughts and experience.  

Here is a little bit about me-

I am Archana Tiwari, Founder of BloggingTry.com, a self-employed housewife and trying to improve my skills and building long stable relationships in the blogging community.

It is quite challenging, but it helps me a lot in motivation, and it is the best path to succeed in a blogging journey. We are “Hum Do Hamare Do” like a happy family.  

How Did You Come Into Blogging? Why Did You Choose To Become A Blogger?

I never thought that I would start my online career as a blogger because I am not so much interested in Blogging. Because as a housewife I have so many responsibilities and having two children, it is quite difficult to spare much time to prepare content.

But my husband always motivates me and says, “you can do it.” He is also a part-time blogger and helps me to get out of this issue. Currently, we both are doing part-time Blogging and planning to switch this habit to full-time. 

What Were Your Family Expressions When You First Told About Blogging?

As I told you earlier, I am not interested in Blogging but love writing and designing. After my husband went to the office and the kids went to school, I used to be alone and spend my time watching videos and reading blogs.

That is how I learned something about Blogging and affiliate marketing. Along with this, my husband is blogging, so he advised that you also start a blog. Then I made a Blogspot blog and worked independently.

I ran that blog for almost a year and learned a lot about Blogging, SEO. After that, I created the BloggingTroy blog on WordPress and started working anew.

So that is how I started my blogging journey, and my family helped me take it to the next level.

Currently, Managing only two blogs first one is BloggingTry, and the Second one is HostingFrame. Apart from that, I run one niche blog that I can’t share, and it is the primary source of income.

When Did You Earn Your First Time In Blogging? How Much Have You Earned From Blogging Till Now?

Well, Everyone wants to start their blog to make money from it, and it was a big mistake that I made in my initial days.

I always thought about how to make money faster and always ignore the basics of Blogging. In that case, I fail to deliver quality and valuable content to my audience that they love to read. 

So I didn’t get any traffic on my blog, and if I am not getting traffic, then how did I earn from it. That’s why I cannot take my blog to the next level Because I focus only on earning, not quality content. 

Then I realized that making money is only possible when I give value to my visitor. I shouldn’t run behind money, it would be best if I focus on creating unique and problem-solving content then only I can hold the audience on my blog. 

So I started creating unique and high-quality content, making stable relationships among bloggers, trust, and blog authority. After some time, I experienced excellent results in blog performance, and my blog traffic also grew.

I made my first online earning $167 from AdSense within two months. After three months, I joined a few affiliate programs related to my Niche. I started promoting them and got the first commission of $50 from one of the affiliate programs.  

That is how I started my affiliate marketer journey and made a good amount of money which is enough to make my life boss free bring a lot of change in earning frequency. 

Making money from any blog takes time, so you have to be calm and have some patience. Blogging is not an overnight millionaire scheme.

So, Do your best and deliver quality content, build trust, and promote genuine products and give your readers value that will help you generate passive income. 

How Do You Manage Your Time? How Much Time Do You Spend On Blogging On A Daily Basis?

Being a housewife, it isn’t easy to manage much time for any other work. So I do it part-time and plan to convert it to a full-time job.  

I love to write, and It is my passion, and after getting positive results, I have decided to give more time to this blog. 

Currently, I work 4 to 5 hours daily on my blog after finishing domestic work. It is quite Joyful and engaging for me to keep myself busy after sending children to school. 

I am also giving time to learn new skills, strategy and methods to improve blog performance and upgrade my knowledge.  

As A Female, What Do You Think About Career In Blogging, And Which Problems Have You Faced?

As a female, we get less opportunity to show our talents and capabilities, especially in India. But time has changed now. We have to put our best foot forward to set an example. 

If you look in other countries, you will find many female bloggers who are doing great in Blogging and making passive income from it. In India also you can find many pro-female bloggers competing with men bloggers. 

Rather than doing a job in any company, Blogging would be the best option for women to make their life easier and joyful from home. Like other degrees and skills, we have to learn SEO and Promotion strategies to start blogging and take it to the next level. 

I also face a lack of basic knowledge of Blogging, SEO, and content writing skills. But I never felt disappointed, I kept on learning new skills, and after some time, I improved myself and got the knowledge to run my blog smoothly. 

What Was The Most Challenging Part Of Your Journey Till Now?

When I decided to start a blog at that time, I didn’t know about Niche selection, Keywords Research, and targeting of the audience.

I started my blog randomly, and it was a huge mistake that I made. After some, I realized it and started gaining knowledge. 

I have implemented some techniques and started a new blog. After working hard for about six months, I got tremendous improvement in blog ranking and traffic. 

So, I highly request that you don’t start a blog by seeing anyone succeed. You can take inspiration from Pro Blogger but never copy them.

Try to find your interest and passion, then decide your Niche accordingly. Because if you don’t do it, you will get failure in that Niche.

Start learning new skills and techniques to make your blog successful. Deliver consistently informative and detailed content which values your audience. 

Which Online Tools Or Apps Do You Use The Most And Would Like To Recommend As Well?

Yes, This is the right question; Plugins are beneficial for adding extra features and new functionality to your blog. 

It would be best if you had some useful plugins for your blog. However, you can use the free plugin from WordPress Library according to your Need. 

But I highly recommend you to use at least some premium plugins for the best results. Because premium Plugins are well-clean-coded, SEO optimized, and Lightweight. 

So your blog performance will never go down.

Here is a list of the most popular and fast loading Plugin which you must have-

According to you, which is the best web hosting and why?

The best web hosting determines the future of your blog. So you have to be very, very conscious while choosing web hosting.

Here I have explained in detail how to choose the best web hosting. It would be best if you never bought Hosting blindly. Don’t compromise anything while Purchasing the best Web hosting.

As I use WPX Hosting, I can tell you frankly that WPX is the best web hosting available in the market. 

Although WPX hosting plans are a little bit expensive for new bloggers. But if you can afford it, then it’s worth every penny which you spend. 

It has incredible speed with 24×7 quality support (Average 30 Second Response Time). The best part of WPX is, they provide two versions of SSL and Unlimited free migration service by experts to WPX server. 

But if you are looking for a more affordable solution to start your blogging journey then I would highly request you to go for GreenGeeks Web Hosting. Nowadays, It is also one of the best and leading Hosting providers.

Which Are Your Top Favorite Blogs And Bloggers?

There is no concrete reason for that, but it is my challenge. 

When I started my Blogging journey, I was not aware of many aspects of Blogging. So, I failed many times, but I never demotivated myself.

I keep on exploring new skills on Google. I also asked for help from many bloggers, but they again disappointed me. So I decided to start a blog with my knowledge.

I specifically and especially would like to thank the following Pro blogger who helped me a lot to start my new blog- 

  1. Sumit Sao – BloggingLift.com
  2. Vishwajeet Kumar – BloggingGate.com
  3. Santosh GairolA – BloggingCosmos.com
  4. Chayan Chakraborty – SimpleFactsOnline.com
  5. Mangesh Bharadwaj – BloggingQNA.com
  6. Ravi Dixit – StayMeOnline.com

Other than that, I learned many new things and got Help from BloggersPassion.com By Anil Agrawal Sir, BloggingJoy.com By Santanu Sir, and GrowthFunda.com by Amol Chavan Sir.

All bloggers who I mentioned above are well skilled and always ready to help very politely.

This list is too extensive, but I would like to mention some of them as I have already shared some blog names in the previous question. 

Now here are some more blog and why I like them-

I also recommend you must go for it.

How Do You Get The Ideas To Choose The Topic For Your Blog?

Initially, I wasn’t aware of this thing, but now I am giving more time for keyword research. It is the main factor to destroy your blog as well as your Blogging journey.

Blogging doesn’t mean writing anything. Does it require in-depth analysis about what is trending? What people frequently search? What do people want to read? And much more.

You have to be more conscious about this before you start writing an article. It would be best to create a mind map of blog post layout and, of course, on topics and keywords.

I use some SEO tools to find your topic as well as rankable keywords. For doing this, I would like to recommend you use SemRush SEO tools.

I know it is expensive for newbies but believes me, it’s worth every penny you spend on it. Because I have been using it for three months and it is incredible. 

I have seen a drastic change in my blog performance. It would be best if you try it. Here is a special link to get a seven days free trial of SemRush. You can cancel it before the trial ends with any loss.

Which Social Media Platform You Prefer Most And Why?

Nowadays, Social media is one of the best ways to get traffic on your blog, build your brand visibility, and spread your thoughts. Social media plays an essential role in building trust among your audience. 

I never recommend you to be stuck with any particular social media platform. You must have to create your account and build your audience list. 

Every social media platform has millions of users, so you have to leverage these social media platforms’ power to increase your brand visibility and generate leads for your products. 

However, you must have an account on these popular and trusted social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. Many people have created their blog or business-related group and pages here. 

You can also do the same and build your audience that would generate traffic for your blog and increase sales for your products. 

What Are Your Favorite Ways To Generate Traffic On Your Blog? What Would You Recommend To New Bloggers To Increase Their Blog Traffic?

Sure, every blogger wants to drive organic traffic on their blog. But it is not as easy as it sounds. For new bloggers, it is always a challenging task. You have to work smartly.

It depends on various factors that you must know. Here are some free tips to get organic traffic that you must read.

Organic traffic will take time, so you must have patience. Also, you have to create unique, high-quality, and informative content better than your competitors.

For doing so, you have to do Keywords and topic research very cleverly. Don’t go for short and high competitive keywords. 

Look for longtail and low difficulty high search volume keywords because they are easy to rank.

For doing so, you can use Semrush SEO tools. However, it is expensive, but it is worth every penny which you spend on it.

I am also using it and getting positive results which I never expected. 

Create content on trending topics and do on-page optimization for best results. The most crucial point is to be consistent with blogs. 

How Did You Get The Opportunity To Mention On Popular Blogs?

Before you get an opportunity to mention any popular blog, you have to create a long and stable network with some ProBlogger and build trust among your audience. 

You have built the authority of your blog and provide value to your user. Consistently deliver unique and quality content that resolves the query of your readers. 

If you succeed in this, then people will definitely approach you. Make sure that you are not misleading the visitor and always provide helpful material. Initially, don’t run behind making money, be polite and offer genuine help.

Blogging is all about the give and take process; as much as giving value to your audience, you will get positive results in your blogging journey.

How Can A Newbie Build A Good Relationship With Pro Bloggers?

Building trust among your audience and good relationships is always going to be beneficial in your blogging journey. It would be best if you did not ignore this opportunity in any situation.

First of all, you must join the network of ProBlogger and interact with them for learning and ask them for advice. They are always ready to help and answer your questions. 

Do mention and link their blog in your article. You can also invite a ProBlogger for an interview and roundup post. They would be happier to participate in this activity where you will get noticed by them, and they also get a free reader for their blog. 

You can read more about Why Should You Network Generously As A Blogger In 2021? By – Ryan Biddulph

What Are Your Future Plans About Blogging Or Online Business?

Currently, I am working on building brand awareness and exploring more income sources to live a boss-free life. 

I have created a new blog for Hosting products review that helps new bloggers to get perfect hosting according to their needs and budgets. 

Moreover, I have no big plans for the future. But I can assure you that you will get more informative, valuable content and services on my blog in the upcoming days. 

I wanted to create BlogingTry as a one-stop solution for new bloggers to all their queries related to Blogging, SEO, Digital Marketing and systematically growing your blog.

According To You, What Are The Things Which You Need To Start Blogging?

Starting a blog is very easy. However, you required a domain name and hosting to create a new blog. But if you want to take your blog to the next level, you have to work harder with it wisely. 

You want to start a blog; then you have to consider many things. First of all, you must ask some questions to yourself before you move forward. Like

  • What is my passion?
  • What is my interest?
  • What are the things which I can perform efficiently?
  • Is it perfect for me the topic which I am going to choose?
  • Can I be able to perform better in that NicheNiche? 
  • And so on.

If you are fully satisfied with your answer, then, of course, you can start your blog

Finally, you are fully convinced that you can start a blog and then think about the following points.

  • Selection of Ideal domain Name
  • Fast and secure web hosting
  • Investment in premium tools
  • Give time to delivering quality content

After that, you are most welcome in the Blogging field.

According To You, What Are The Qualities An Individual Must Have To Achieve Success In Blogging?

Any pro blogger doesn’t have any superpower. They have only one significant quality to achieve their goal, which is they never give up.

Every ProBlogger walks through the same problem which new bloggers are facing. But different is that they are never disappointed and taken as a lesson learned and find new opportunities from their failure. 

They made another strategy to get better results. They also learn the basics of Blogging and other skills to perform better. 

Apart from that, you can learn more about becoming a pro blogger here. 

10 Essential Steps to Become a Pro Blogger. You can get more ideas about the best quality of pro bloggers.

I Have Seen You Have Launched A 7 Days Free Blogging Course. Could You Share Your Experience For The Same?

Yes, I have launched this course for free to help new bloggers make prevalent mistakes while starting a blog. Although they start their blog by seeing someone succeed but after some time face a lot of problems.

I got many comments and messages regarding how to grow a blog, increasing traffic, and sales, etc. After analyzing their blog and content, I found that they haven’t chosen the right Niche or are not following proper procedure. 

I launched this course, where I have described almost all the crucial steps required to start a blog without making a common mistake and make money from it. 

It is a 7 days email-based ultimate guide to start a profitable blog. I got a very positive response, and after launching this course 1 month ago, about 150+ bloggers enrolled and completed it. 

I am working on making this course more extensive and valuable to provide a lot of knowledge regarding blogging in the future. 

This course is free for a limited time, but it will be a paid course in the future. 

How Do You Keep Yourself Updated With The Latest Trends About Blogging?

In the digital era, nothing is stable; everything keeps on changing constantly. So you have to be updated with the latest trends. 

As we can see 

Could You Please Share Your Mantra To Get Success In Blogging?

I want to advise all new bloggers that don’t run behind money. If you’re going to make money online, then have some patience and put your heart and soul. 

First of all, try to build trust and your community by giving value to your reader. Be consistent and always deliver unique and quality content that your audience wants to read.

If possible, take ideas and inspiration from pro bloggers but don’t copy them. Put effort into building your strong base. If you succeed in doing it, you will make your remarkable place in the Blogging world. 

Any Advice To Digitechtrends?

This interview is already gone so long; anyway, you are doing great, and I would say keep doing that and focus on building a good network with other bloggers. In this field, you need good friends and help others, and then only one can grow. I have always believed in growing together.

Please share a quote that inspires you a lot.

“In Blogging sometimes you may feel that you are not getting results as you want. But remember this is time to improve yourself and show your consistency to make this feeling wrong” Never lose your hope Success Comes After Preparation even though in Dictionary.

Happy Blogging, and thanks again for this opportunity. 

Get Connect With Archana via Social Profiles- 

Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/BloggingTry

Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/in/archana-tiwari-435b081b5/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/BloggingTry

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/bloggingtry/

YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClT0Qiljf1SzdmojQM96qkA

Pinterest – https://in.pinterest.com/bloggingtry

Facebook Group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/bloggingtry

Final Words:

First of all, I would like to say thanks to Archana, who gave us her precious time from her busy schedule & shared her blogging journey with us.

I hope this interview will be helpful & you will get valuable information. Click here to get

If you have any further query then please ask in the comment sections.  

Don’t forget to share it on social profiles.

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