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What is the Cost to Develop an App for Taskrabbit?

TaskRabbit is one of the foremost fruitful apps within the advert which is primarily utilized to create for the gig economy.

What is TaskRabbit?

TaskRabbit is a web commercial center stage which makes a difference the specialist work for finding transitory employments and straightforwardly interface with the “Job Posters”.This sort of app permits the shopper to promptly discover offer assistance for the regular household-related errands like cleaning, moving, convey and jack of all trades work.

TaskRabbit was established in 2008 by Leah Busque. Leah has established this TaskRabbit when she had no time to purchase canine nourishment and as the arrangement, she has propelled the commercial center app through which individuals can specifically post the occupations and on the other hand, people who are seeking out for occupations can straightforwardly check and contact the work posters.

To begin with one is the “Task Posters” or the individuals who are trying to find somebody who can offer assistance in completing family units exercises and on the other side, the individuals who are looking for the brief occupations can specifically interface with the individuals and get the jobs.

What is the Working Demonstration of TaskRabbit?

As we have Talked about Prior, TaskRabbit could be a two-sided commercial center stage. TaskRabbit app is primarily isolated into two segments:

1. TaskPosters:-

TaskPosters are the customers or clients who are seeking out to offer assistance. They can effortlessly post their occupations on this stage. This Stage too makes a difference in making installment after completion of the task.

2. Task Doers:–

Task Doers are the people who are jobless and who are looking for a few extra cash can effectively connect the app after confirming themselves. At whatever point they discover the work of their consolation level or helpful time, they can effortlessly acknowledge the work through this platform.

  • A task Doers can effortlessly acknowledge or dismiss the work concurring to his/her convenience.
  • All the Task Doers details are put away within the TaskRabbit database, are confirmed and are totally competent for the work.
  • After the errand is completed, the Poetaster can effortlessly include input or audits based on the administrations.

Why TaskRabbit clone app is one of the leading startups?

TaskRabbit is an internet marketplace app so it is truly simple for individuals to start a web trade and dispatch a clone app of TaskRabbit within the showcase because it is simple to function everything online. As of now, individuals are liking the app because it is easy for them to get to the administrations by utilizing the Versatile App.

On the off chance that you’re considering starting a web commerce at that point you’ll be able to think of propelling an app like TaskRabbit within the market. Online stages like TaskRabbit too makes a difference in creating cash by utilizing different diverse ways.

Let’s Talk about how TaskRabbit wins money?

By doing Notice or advancement of third-party products. Charging the preparing expenses to the customer. The client needs to pay an extra sum of expenses amid the period of tall demands By Partner programs.

What are the key feature of the TaskRabbit app?

As we know TaskRabbit is the commercial center app, so it by and large comprises of three panels:

1. Client Board (TaskPosters)

2. Laborers Board (Task Doers)

3. Admin Panel

1. Client Board (TaskPosters)

  • Profile setup and management
  • Can effectively look at the administrations by applying filters.
  • Service selection
  • Easy benefit scheduling
  • Check the profile with full details.
  • Access the promos and offers
  • Push Notification
  • Instalment
  • Give input and Ratings
  • Payment management
  • Help and Bolster module.

2. Laborers Board (Task Doers)

  • Create and oversee the profiles
  • Check the employments and its detail
  • Can effortlessly acknowledge or dismiss the jobs
  • Check the work history
  • Can set the accessible days or hour
  • Can alter the accessibility time
  • Payment administration module

3. Admin Panel Profiles management

  • Dashboard Manage categories and subcategories management
  • Verification for security purpose
  • Manage the history
  • Manage installment module
  • Complaints management
  • Special offers management
  • Refund management
  • Reports era and analytics
  • Admin can post a declaration for the benefit suppliers or for the users.

Additional features:

  • Tracking Live chat module
  • Push notice at different modules or panels
  • Caller Identification
  • Multi-location
  • Access
  • Cashless installment

TaskRabbit Client Segments

1) TaskPosters:

TaskPosters are the individuals who need to outsource the errands can post their work on the app and TaskRabbit will interface them to qualified and proficient taskers who are accessible to assist. This stage too permits them to pay for an app once the work is completed.

2) TaskDoers:

TaskDoers are the individuals who are unemployed or underemployed or those who need to form a few additional cash can sign up to be the TaskRabbit. To end up a tasker, your foundation will be checked and a try met after the test. Taskers will be allotted a work naturally and they can either acknowledge it or dismiss it.

The Method of Getting to be Taskers

People who need to be a tasker has to apply online. For that, they got to sign up with their Facebook or LinkedIn to total their application. Once their application is obtained, the foundation is completely checked which is taken after by an in-person meet. Once a client effectively clears the in-person meet, they indicate their abilities and are intrigued and acknowledged into the database of TaskRabbit.

How much does it take to create a TaskRabbit Clone?

The Fetching of creating a TaskRabbit clone app exceedingly depends on a few of the components like highlights, usefulness, plan, innovation or stages, designers involvement and numerous more things.

As we have talked about, the taking a toll of creating a TaskRabbit clone basically depends on a few of the components. So here I am posting the inexact timeline and costing of creating a TaskRabbit clone:


App Plan:- 7 Working Days

Android App Advancement:- 25 Working Days

iOS App Improvement:- 25 Working Days

Web Back-end & Apis:- 30 Working Days

Testing, Bug settling, and Arrangement:- 5 Working Days


 The estimated cost of creating a TaskRabbit clone app is 5000-9000 USD. App thoughts is one of the leading web and portable improvement companies. We have an experienced group of designers who are skilled in Android app advancement as well as IOS app improvement. We have worked on different commercial center stages like TaskRabbit.

Certain circumstances to be mindful of whereas creating such an app

TaskPosters would post a work; they would cite a cost which was ordinarily lesser than the least wage. In a war to win a offered Taskers would acknowledge all sorts of occupations independent of trouble level. Gratefully, within the modern commerce show Taskers might indicate their hourly rate and aptitudes and would be auto doled out without having to go through the offering process.

Initially TaskPosters would frequently lie approximately the sum of work they require done. Regularly the sum of work depicted on the stage would negate the one on the location. The Taskers would thus feel come up short on.

While there’s a survey and rating system to rate a Tasker and his benefit, there’s no such basis where a Tasker may survey and rate the TaskPosters which has been a rising concern as a few of the TaskPosters have been found to abuse the Taskers. Hence one must definitely click over here only to try the best task rabbit clone application though.

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