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Artificial Intelligence VS Human Intelligence: A complete Overview

There is a lot of discussion going on about Artificial Intelligence VS Human Intelligence. Do people often think that what is the difference between both? Even there are confusions while answering the differentiating factors between both. Now here we are going to resolve this problem. We are going to provide the best possible answer for the same.

Definition of Artificial Intelligence VS Human Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence

  • In simple language, AI is a technique in which the machines (like computer system) are designed in a unique way. They are designed so as to mimic the functions of human intelligence.
  • The imitation is done in such a way by the machines that it produces results 100 times faster.
  • As technology is growing the use of AI is being increased in different ways.

Human Intelligence

  • Human intelligence depends upon the capacity and capability of the person.
  • The capability will decide the results percentage of the work.
  • It is an older way to complete the tasks but nowadays people prefer artificial intelligence more.

Differentiating factors of Artificial Intelligence VS Human Intelligence:

1. Capacity to save data

  • Human intelligence according to data’s says that the human brain can only store 3 pounds.
  • On the other hand, artificial intelligence can save up to 150 Pounds of data.

2. The speed of the processor:

  • Human intelligence can process operations per second is 1,000,000 million.
  • On the other hand, artificial intelligence can process operations per second is 93,000 trillion.

3. The efficiency of the sources and energy available

  • After analyzing data’s human efficiency and energy of work is about 20 watts.
  • On the other side, artificial intelligence has an energy efficiency of 10 million watts.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence VS Human Intelligence

Huge Difference in Speed:

Human intelligence can execute the result for a problem in 10 minutes. AI can do the same thing in microseconds.

Eliminating biasing factors:

While taking a decision human can be biased as per the situation. But the AI will only show the results based on the factors of the situation.

Enhanced and Accurate results:

Yes, the accuracy in the AI’s result is always more than the results of a human being.

Henceforth, we can say that there are many advantages of AI over Human Intelligence.

Which one is better?

  • If we give this answer on the bases of researches than we can say that AI is much better than Human Intelligence.
  • But there is another fact that one needs the knowledge to understand the AI which is not that much required to understand the human brain.
  • Still, as everything has an advantage and disadvantage in this case also a person can learn AI techniques to apply them through software.
  • Therefore, there is no doubt to opt for AI as it is more enhanced and time-saving technique.

How does Artificial Intelligence work?

The work of artificial intelligence is based on a few things which are given below:

  1. It works on the principle of imitating human intelligence.
  2. On the other side its functions are structured as such it can imitate human intelligence with more perfection.
  3. It works just immediately after the thing is asked from it.
  4. Most of the computers are based on this technique. Here the problems are being solved in just a few seconds or less.

Categorization of Artificial Intelligence:

Reactive and talking machines:

  • The machines are structured such as they work after getting instructions from a human.
  • One of the examples of it is the Alexa device.
  • It is a very famous tool nowadays and is based on the AI technique.

Memory needed:

  • The memory occupied by AI is less. Hence, one can install it in various gadgets.

Not affected Mind Game:

  • Yes, as it is imitating the human brain it could give a result which is never affected by human behavior.

Examples of Artificial Intelligence:

1. Robotics:

One of the best examples of AI is robots. These are the exact copy of the human brain but are working more efficiently.

2. In machines to analyze data:

Yes, there are too many techniques by which similar data can be detected. These all are based on software.

3. Driving cars without driver:

Yes, the use of AI in driving cars is one big example of growth and use of technology.

4. Healthcare uses:

Nowadays, there are too many equipments being used to detect various diseases in very less time. Therefore, in health care also the AI is working well.

Security features of AI:

  • Human intelligence is being inserted in machines. The security factor is also being increased as there would be fewer errors.
  • Hence, there is no harm in using artificial intelligence in various machines. It will generate the results without any biasing and speed.
  • Also, there are no ethical concerns while using AI as the human brain is not involved.

Is permission is needed to insert AI:

  • A company wants to insert artificial intelligence in any of the machines. Then there is a need to take permission for the same.
  • Permission is given after analyzing all the factors that whether the technique is safe and secure or not.
  • If there is any social concern related to artificial intelligence insertion then the idea will directly be dropped by the scientists.

The learning process of artificial intelligence works on 3 main approaches:

1. The first one is supervised learning. In this kind of technique, the inputs and output are already recorded.
The task of the AI is to get give results from analyzing previous data.

2. The second one is unsupervised learning. In this kind of learning the output is inserted in large quantity.
There is no source for AI to compare and hence all the results are to be calculated after deep research.

3. The last one is Semi-supervised learning. In this type of function, the results are based on the actions being performed by the person.
Therefore there is no recorded input or output for this kind of learning.

Therefore, the work of artificial intelligence to analyze and categories the data is based on above-mentioned techniques.


Is there is a need to opt for AI?

AI makes the work of a person very easy and hence it is preferable to use.

What if it fails?

AI is very successful nowadays and there are very fewer chances of the same.

Even if some problem occurs with artificial intelligence the scientists are there to find the solution.

Is there are categories available to differentiate between AI techniques?

Yes, there are many types of artificial intelligence techniques on which they works on. 

The categories are supervised, unsupervised and semi-supervised learning.

Can AI perform better than human intelligence in the future?

Technology has made our lives really easy. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an algorithms running by human. AI perform better than human intelligence but human brain is very complex which cannot be fully replaced by AI.

Therefore, from Artificial Intelligence VS Human Intelligence the AI is much better and preferred.

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