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How to Create a Privacy Policy Page for WordPress and Blogger Blog

A privacy policy should be created specifically for your blog, and it should be written adhering to all applicable federal and global laws regarding consumer privacy rights. At times there can be a potential breach of the privacy of your blog posts and this will put the privacy of your readers at risk.

Now, the privacy policy you have in place will not only protect the readers from such situations but it will also make sure that you are protected from any legal liability.

If there are any third-party blog services available, then each of these services should have separate privacy policies as third parties will have different legal obligations.
For example, if your blog is using Google Analytics, your privacy policy must be written in a way that complies with Google’s data handling requirements.

Tips to create a Privacy Policy Page for Blog

There are several websites that create privacy policies for free. Some of the tips to create a good privacy policy page include:

The privacy policy should be precisely written.
The technical terms used in the privacy policy should be limited.
It should have strong, clear yet simple words.
The privacy policy should be brief but it should cover all the aspects necessary.

Free Privacy Policy Generator Websites

How to Add Privacy Policy Page on BlogSpot

For adding privacy policy all you need to follow a few steps.

  • Sign in to the account as a blogger.
  • You need to select the pages available on the left side of the menu.
  • Then from the options, you need to select on ‘New page’.
  • Add the title to your page to ensure it is catchy and readable to your customers and add the privacy policy which you already have prepared and select the layout you like.

Also check out a few easy step to create a free blog on blogspot.

How to add privacy Policy on WordPress

For WordPress, it is similar to create a privacy policy page.

  • You can go to the dashboard option.
  • Select ‘pages’ followed by ‘add new’ option available.
  • Copy and paste the text you have ready for your privacy policy and publish the page.

Benefits of a Privacy Policy Page for your Blog

  • Make your readers trust
  • Save from lawsuits


Create a privacy policy page that is simple, readable yet self-explanatory. Make sure to add everything that you want your customers to know about your data usage and privacy protection policy.

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