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Remote Installation Hidden Spy Apps For Android

Almost every aged group of people has access to smartphones. Android phone ratio is higher than other operating systems. Sometimes, guardians want to check what’s their kid’s secrets or what they hide from them. Likewise, employers want to know the reason behind the lack of performance of an individual worker.

To hack your loved ones or worker’s data, you need to get the help of spy apps. There are thousands of undetectable spying apps in the market, but to get the perfect solutions is a quite daunting task. Their wonderful tracking tools amazed the person by providing exact information at the right time.

Some apps have brought innovative changes with the advancement of technology. These hidden spy apps for Android are TheOneSpy, Spyzie, Cocospy, mSpy and TheTruthSpy as well. Let’s look at these innovative solution packs.

Hidden spy apps for Android

It seems so unrealistic if we talk about remote installation, but it exists. Only powerful tools can give this advantage of remote installation. Here, we will only talk about some popular and reliable apps which give this benefit.


You will be familiar with this outstanding tracking tool, namely TheOneSpy. It is the most powerful spy app that supports remote installation services. It consists of simple installation steps by following which you can install TOS with 3 minutes.

TOS has 250 plus rich features, which even serve the uneducated user more conveniently. As TOS has been serving a million people for many years, its best offer is its 360-camera viewer and listening feature. The special thing about TOS is it to understand customers’ demand and bring change accordingly. TOS also offers technical and other customer support services 24 hours.

TOS way of Remote Installation in Android OS

It gives a stupid sound to install a spy app remotely, but actually, TOS gives this wonderful offer. TOS remote installation process is very easy and reliable as well. Let’s look at the TOS installation ways for Android.

Installation of TOS App through GPS

It is the easiest way to install the TOS app remotely in your targeted Android device. All you need to get TOS subscription and activation of features. After that, you can start your tracking process. You need to send a text message at a targeted device. The time when a targeted person will open the message, you can immediately get access to targeted phone GPS and within minutes you can install the app. It also helps the user to look at the live pinpoint location of the device.

Another way of TheOneSpy installation in Android OS

This is the second and indirect way to install the TheOneSpy app remotely. TOS offers this second way because it is more secure and reliable for people who have trust issues. Mostly parents, businesses and individuals prefer this technical way rather than direct way.
Let’s see how you can remotely install the TOS Android app on the targeted phone.

This process covers three steps, which are the following.

Firstly, your device should have a strong internet connection.

Secondly, your connection should be with the targeted device google account.

After that, you can get easy access to the targeted phone Android device manager.

Other hidden Spy Apps for Android

It becomes necessary to monitor your loved ones and employees’ Android devices. Maybe your kid is getting access to those world affairs which are prohibited for their growing age. Maybe your workers are wasting working hours on useless activities on the internet. To prevent kids from digital gadgets affects and to keep a sharp eye on your workers. Likewise, TOS you can find more brilliant apps in the market which allows the user to remotely install the app in targeted mobile phone.
Let’s see at a list of other powerful apps.







We brought these hidden spy apps for Android, which provide easy and remote installation services. Now, you need not go for more technically sound apps. These apps are rich with more innovative tools and perform all tracking functions conveniently. You can also avail their extra benefits like money-back guarantees, discount offers, features like mighty alarms, and others as well. In the future, you will get more advantage out of its more advanced tools.

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