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How to Move Contacts from iCloud to Gmail on a Mac System

iCloud is a cloud-based application server and distributed storage resource delivered by Apple. It is made for delivering cloud backup and storage services to Mac clients. iCloud is a Mac inbuilt service, and the items stored in cloud servers are considered a part of iCloud. Users can undoubtedly access that information on various gadgets by logging in with the same iCloud account.

Users can store various data on iCloud like documents, images, files, contacts, calendars, etc. It is easy to share and access that information effectively on any Mac gadget, even if the device is lost. This situation might emerge at a time when you want to move contacts from iCloud to Gmail. Many users often face problems while migrating their iCloud contacts.

So in this blog, I will explain the methods through which users can transfer iCloud contacts to Gmail. But before we move further, let us talk about why users are required to transfer the iCloud contact list to Gmail.

What are the reasons to move contacts from iCloud to Gmail?

Depending upon various factors, users want to save their contacts from iCloud to Gmail. You can also move your current Gmail contacts to iCloud. In case you decide to switch to Gmail contacts in the future, you can always do so. But in the event, you own a Windows system or continue to switch between Windows and Mac consistently, then Google Contacts is a perfect decision.

Below I have mentioned some major factors to export contacts from iCloud to Gmail.

  • You can access Gmail contacts on all Mac-based and Windows devices without any issue.
  • Users can easily organize their contacts into categories like labels and groups when move contacts from iCloud to Gmail.
  • The Import/Export contact feature is accessible on the web version of both services but can not be utilized on the iCloud directly.
  • Users can easily add new contacts to Gmail in bulk, while it is not easy with iCloud.
  • It is easy to find and merge duplicate contacts on Gmail through Google contacts.

So these are some common reasons to sync iCloud contacts with Google. In the next part, I will discuss the method for migrating iCloud contacts into Gmail.

Manual method to move contacts from iCloud to Gmail

In this part, you will see, how do I transfer Contacts from iCloud to iPhone Gmail. Users can implement the same method to migrate contacts from iCloud to Mac Gmail. Many professionals and expert users suggest using the iCloud Backup Tool to save iCloud data into Gmail. I have also used this premium tool to convert my iCloud data to Gmail email. It is the easiest and fastest way that delivers 100% accurate results without any alteration. 

However, some users seek a manual method to transfer iCloud contacts to Gmail. This technique can only implemented by technical or professional users. Users are required to perform the following steps accordingly to move contacts from iCloud to Gmail.

Step 1: Export iCloud data to the Mac system.

  • Sign in to your iCloud account with your login credentials on your Mac device.
  • Click on Contacts to open contact lists and select all by following the Cmd+A button.
  • Press the setting icon located at the bottom left corner and click on Export vCard.
  • Selected contacts will be downloaded to your local storage.

Step 2: Import the iCloud contact list to Gmail.

  • Login to your Gmail account with your user ID and password and click on the Contacts option.
  • Click on more and select the Import option from the list.
  • Now, press the choose file button and select the vCard file of your iCloud contacts.
  • Finally, click on the Import button to sync iCloud contacts with Google.

Now you have successfully transferred your iCloud contact information to Gmail. Note that this will take some time to process, depending on the size of the file. But always remember, the manual method has some limitations that users have to face while proceeding with it. In the next section, I have discussed some consequences related to the manual technique.

Move contacts from iCloud to Gmail manually- Limitations

It is often seen that users face many obstacles when they proceed with the manual technique. It does not deliver quality results, and users have to take intense care of every step they are performing. The manual method is not said to be the best effective technique to export contacts from iCloud to Gmail.

Some major limitations of the DIY method are mentioned below:

  • It is a very time-consuming process and consists of multiple steps.
  • Any minor inaccuracy in performing the steps leads to the complete failure of the process.
  • The manual method does not maintain the original data hierarchy while transferring from iCloud to Gmail.
  • Users should have good technical knowledge before going with the manual technique.
  • Using this method, it is not possible to export other iCloud data like emails, calendars, notes, etc.

The manual technique is not considered an optimum solution to export contacts from iCloud into Gmail. It has multiple consequences, due to which it does not gives efficient and effective. That’s why, many users and technical experts recommend using an advanced iCloud Backup Tool. As I have already mentioned in the upper section, it is the most premium solution to move iCloud contact to Gmail. It is a risk-free solution that can bulk convert contacts from iCloud to Gmail. This utility also allows the users to backup and convert iCloud to multiple file formats and email clients including email, contacts, calendars, etc. Users can also remove duplicate contacts from the migration process and perform the batch conversion in less time and effort.


In this blog, we have discussed different techniques to move contacts from iCloud to Gmail. We have also mentioned some basic reasons to save iCloud contacts to Gmail. The manual method is very tricky and not feasible to get the optimum results. To eliminate such limitations it is suggested to use a professional iCloud Backup Tool. It will ease the conversion and migration process and results in high data accuracy without any data alteration.

Author bio: Ankit Roy is a Professional Technical Content Developer. He writes about Email Migration and backup, Cloud Migration, File Conversions & Data Recovery for Mac. He developed his skills in technical content writing throughout his undergraduate days. Ankit Roy additionally developed his skill in keyword research, SEO, SMO, and SMM.

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