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How to Build a Dating App That Matches User Expectations?

The online dating app industry will achieve more popularity in the upcoming years as per a survey report. So, this is high time to invest your money in this segment to secure some fruitful revenue from it. Nearly 12% of people aged 18 to 29 are in a relationship through online dating applications. 

However, to make your investment successful, you need to make your app according to your user’s expectations. For the same, you should take inspiration from the best dating apps in the market. For example, Tinder. It has been the most successful dating app for over a decade.

If you want to make the best dating application according to the user’s expectations, it is suggested to first build an app like Tinder. Then, consider adding something unique and trending as per the user’s expectations. 

To make your task easy, we will walk you through the crucial features that you should include while developing an online dating application.
So, let’s have a quick look at it.

Privacy and Security

An online dating app is one of the most confidential places where users expect some privacy and security factors from the service providers. Otherwise, there are high chances of rising crime through the app that can affect the entire online dating market. So, you need to be 100% sure about the data safety of your users with proper security features. A safe and transparent user experience can make your app popular in a short time. 


A potential user will utilize your app to make his/her match perfectly. If they had to spend some extra time and energy to learn all the features of your app, then there is a high chance of rejection. So you need to create all the elements bold and clear for the users to apply properly. Dating has always been a nervous matter for everyone, so you need to make them feel comfortable by making the app user-friendly.   


Location is the most important factor for a dating app to serve with the perfect match. It can make your app more realistic and convenient for its users. People will likely want to meet their matches nearby on an online date. You can suggest people according to their profile and location to match perfectly and then give them a chance to meet physically with each other.  

Extra Features 

The most vital part to making a dating app is always trying to include some extra as well as attractive features that can make your users happy. You need to search and check various apps before launching your own. Just check the big guys in the market and try to create some better ideas which can attract your users and make them recommend their friends about your app. For example, you can add a “Like” and a “Dislike” option on the profile photo and use artificial intelligence to make better matches according to the “Likes”.

Meeting Support 

Having a meeting has always been the top expectation from a user’s end. So you need to design some features in your dating application that can provide high chances for the users to meet and know their matches or partners in real life. You can also include some characteristics that can allow them to talk face to face through video calling or live chatting. In one word, you need to include all the meeting facilities in your app for your clients.

Chatting Features

To run a successful dating app you always need to include a chatting attribute for the users that will allow them to talk with their partners by chatting. At the very first stage of dating, people like to chat with their partners rather than talk directly over the phone. So, this feature can make them keep busy for a long time in your app which can lead you to a healthy amount of revenue. 

Option for Online Gift

Not only can these tactics help you to make your app a really attractive one, but also you can make money from the gift delivery company by affiliate marketing. But you need to be 100% sure about the online gift delivery process before placing it in your app. 

Social Media Share

Social media has now become the biggest platform where people share their stories of joy, sadness, and many other emotional posts. So, if you can include this feature in your app, then people will directly share their stories and photos on Facebook and other social media websites.

Notification Service

It can be a better idea to insert some push notification alerts for the new and best match for the users. They can get notifications on their smartphone whenever someone likes his/her profile to pick. 

Offers on Joining

We all love to have gifts from anyone. So you need to take advantage of this. You can provide some free support or features for the new users that can attract a bulk amount of people to join in. If you have only paid membership in your online dating app, then distribute some offer coupons to join your app and free access to the limited levels. 


It is not an easy job to get success through an online dating application. You need to know the demand and expectations of the users clearly before starting developing such an app. Apart from these ideas, you can also help people with your vast database and quality profiles. That is why you need to promote your app in different segments to let your targeted audience know about it. 14 days is enough time to promote your app on various social media pages and platforms. It can help you to get your profile database heavier for the future. 

So, try to follow these significant points before you are stepping in at the online dating industry to make a perfect match for your users.

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