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Is it worth buying an Apple Watch in 2023?

Owing to the proliferation of tech development, many gadgets appear every year. But, are all of them worth buying for? That is another question! Some gadgets only cater to the innovation and creativity side of the product and rarely focus on the functionality, price, and effectiveness of the gadget for an average person. Today, we will discuss about the most iconic Apple Watch – which is not really new.

Apple has several iWatch series under its umbrella, but is an Apple Watch still worth buying for in 2023?
Let us discuss the pros and cons of buying an Apple Watch before you make your first purchase.


It is not a long time ago: when your iPhone had a gigantic clock directly on the lock screen. Then the iPhone launched its first Apple Watch on April 24 2015 and you began wearing a watch, simply a pocket-or bag pull away. The Apple smartwatch proved to be a revolution in the tech industry with an ordinary watch as well as the additional features of a fitness tracker, Siri, weather updates, music, phone, and much more.

The original Apple device became the bestseller with 4.2 million smartwatches sold in 2015. Now, let’s figure out is the device really functional and worth buying even in 2023?

In the event that that nature of achievement is interesting to you, you may simply be entranced by the Apple Watch.

The device is your great “wellness” companion

Apple watch has recently marketed itself as a compelling health and fitness partner with a heart rate monitor in the latest Series 4 models. You log all the basics, including standing and hopping around, just as exercise, moves, and climbing steps.

There is additionally a wellness application extraordinarily intended to follow your climbs, races, rides, swings, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. You can likewise diagram your swimming and get precise graphs of your courses on the shore and on the land, with better water resistance for recent Apple Watches.

With the Apple Watch Series 6, Apple has given a blood oxygen reader or electrocardiograph. For fall detection, the Series 6 additionally packs the hardware. The Apple Watch will give an admonition on the off chance that you have this feature turned on and you take an actual fall, which further enables you to either overlook it in case you are not harmed or otherwise contact emergency services immediately. If you don’t react to the alarm with one minute, the watch will quickly advise the emergency center.

You share your achievements with the ones closest to you with Action Sharing. That way, you can communicate something specific or share emojis to motivate them when you hit an achievement or they do as such. Or on the other hand, talk about anything that suits you.

The device has standout “communication” feature

Apple Watch has explicitly built-in basic phone and messaging features, making it sound like something straight out of sci-fi. It’s very helpful and handy as compared to your big iPhone. You don’t need to look out for your phone every time you’re away. Your call or message notifications will simply land on your wrist.

You can chat or text directly from your watch for brief talks or replies. You can begin interactions on your watch and flawlessly hop on to your phone for longer communications, or you can simply go get your phone until you see who is calling and messaging on your wrist.

On Apple Watch, you can likewise direct or handwrite brief notes, and/or media sharing making it an amazingly powerful device for communicating on-the-go.  

The GPS + Cellular model of Series 6 makes this one stride further, permitting you to dial, dictate, connect, or compose despite the fact that your iPhone is far away. Communicate something specific on a boat in a lake or look into the location of a friend while going to their home — the Series 6 GPS + Cellular model enables you to do as such with or without your iPhone nearby.

The Apple Watch may very well be the correct device for your wrist if keeping in contact matters to you.

The device is a “remote control” on your wrist

You will control your Apple TV with the Apple Watch. It will even permit you to remotely get to the camera on your iPhone, and it will likewise control your home’s lighting, thermometers, blinds, fans, and other smart gadgets tanks to the integration of Siri and HomeKit.

The device displays “notifications” that don’t wake up phone

You continuously get notifications on your iPhone and worried about your battery drain. Because of the beep or buzz, on your Lock screen, your phone wakes up every time when notifications come in. However, certain updates will show on your wrist with the Apple Watch, demonstrating you a delicate tap that doesn’t light up the screen until you change the watch to demonstrate your activity.

Like on the iPhone, there’s also a Notification Center, where you can swipe down and keep a check at everything that comes in and in a flash see what is happening and what you may have to deal with. Furthermore, without going into your pocket or tote, you can do it.

The device is a “remote control” on your wrist

On your Apple Watch, Apple Pay is sorcery. You simply click a button on your Apple Watch, keep it tight to the terminal and you’re done, rather than attempting to bumble with your wallet or even your iPhone.

What makes it so wonderful is that it’s actually not too far off on your phone, it never shows your genuine credit card number or personal identification data, and it kills so nobody else will contact it if it puts some distance between your skin (through the heart-rate monitor screen).

Who can miss buying the Apple Watch?

If you…

  • Do not want to wear anything on your wrist, mechanical or optical, by any means, period, ever.
  • Might want to check your iPhone for everything or do not own an iPhone at all.
  • Just want to hold back to see where wrist computing goes in future
  • You don’t need an Apple Watch or want to have one.

Who should not forgo an Apple Watch?

  • Need to invest less energy but rather more time on your iPhone and making the rounds.
  • Are attracted to the idea of super-advantageous tap-to-pay and fitness logging.
  • Prior to concluding whether to pick your phone, you need to have the option to take a gander at a call or message or quit getting to it by any means.
  • Presently, you need to play with the future, Maybe you would prefer to buy an Apple Watch in 2021.

The Bottom Line

This is basically the state of Apple Watch in late 2015. Has Apple Watch made it an “absolute necessity in 2023?” Not yet, despite the fact that we are as yet anticipating the reaction from designers to make applications for the gadget. Additionally, the speculations that a couple of these things could turn out to be more “pros” than “cons” whenever this is done, however, the watch will in any case stay as an optional utility. Well-designed, great quality applications will change the scene a ton, yet as we are not looking forward to the smartwatches becoming a necessity as of the near future, but only a device one generally gravitates for! The Apple Watch would prove to be a luxury for most of us.

From another perspective, if you can afford an Apple Watch or your phone isn’t in reach consistently, it very well may be a decent buddy gadget, however on the other hand — would you be able to get up to grab your phone in any case? These are the issues each new buyer will wrestle with, and the ball is in your court at the day’s end.

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