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16 questions to ask a client before working on a project

A designer’s work isn’t merely designing the taken project and delivering it on the day set by the clients but it starts by first understanding the needs of the clients. Asking the right question from the client and can help you have a good start while avoiding the unnecessary revisions and returning the client with satisfactory work in the provided time. To put it in simple words, a good design is the result of a creative collaboration which begins before a designer picks up the pencil.

To be effective, here are 20 questions which a designer should ask the client before beginning with the project. They can help the client is involved with the designing process while helping you with brainstorming creative ideas for the design.

Establishing common grounds

It is essential to let the client know that you care. It is important to understand why they require the design in the first place. Here are some questions which can help you learn the challenges that the client is facing at the moment. 

1. What inspired this project?

Discover the client’s motivation which can help you have a solid idea what the client requires giving you ideas to start the project. Your client’s response to the question can reveal what they’re trying to replicate or d differently. 

2. What are your goals?

Setting goals makes it possible for the brand to track the progress and effectiveness of the design. Being a designer, you must be able to understand the goals your design is trying to meet to be able to fill in the gaps. 

Know the brand

Getting to know your client’s business can help you reflect what they stand for. Here what you want to know. 

3. Define your brand’s mission 

Learn the fundamental force which drives your client’s business. Understanding what your client stands for can help you to pay respect what your client believes in.Your brand’s mission and values need to be an explicit part of the design. 

4. Define the strength of the company

Highlight the company’s selling point, which can inspire the design idea.

5. Who are your competitors? 

Understand the competitors of your client to strategies a design which can make your client stand out in the competition. 

6. Define your branding mistakes

This might be a little offending for the client, but this can help in making sure your design is harmonious with the existing marketing materials. You can also ask for design samples to avoid repeating anything that might not have worked before.

Define the audience

Whether you work in a video animation company or opt for freelance projects, design with the audience in mind. Learn about your client’s customers who will see and judge the brand accordingly.

7. Define your target audience.

Personify your ideal customers, including what they do, how they act, and what they like and require. Begin with the design elements which can appeal to the audience. 

8. What gender and age group do you want to apeal?

Certain brands may only appeal to certain genders and audience. Likewise, if your client tells you that they have a broad, mixed audience, make sure to add gender-neutral elements into your design. Not just that, determine the age group to use the appropriate choice of colour, shapes and other elements of design.

9. Are there any cultural effects that you need to take care of?

Certain design elements may seem inappropriate or perceived differently in certain cultures. Avoid any pitfalls regarding this question and make sure to research before to create an acceptable design which can resonate with your client’s community. 

Set expectations

Often clients focus on their needs and forget to communicate the specifics of their project. However, it is important to ask their expectations before starting with the project. 

10. What style do you want for your design?

Determine what your client is looking for and their taste in design athletics to narrow down your choices of creative trends.

11. What elements should be included in the design?

Keep in check the requirements of your client. This question can help you to ensure that you don’t ignore any images or themes that are essential for the design.

Discuss Details

Learn about the final product to create your design. Here is what you need to ask your client

12. Where will the design be used?

This can help you to understand the various mediums where your client will be using the design. Your design must be scalable so it can fit all the requirements of the client.

Set a method for collaboration 

Ask your client about their method of doing work.

13. How will they communicate? 

Some clients like to receive constant updates about their work. Make sure that you understand how you will work and what medium will they use to communicate or provide feedback.

14. How much will they spend on the project?

Provide the rates to your client before starting the project. Update all the changes in the revisions and calculate the total amount along with each revision round.

15. In which format do they need the final product?

Make sure to update the client with what they can get and do with the files they receive. This can help you to understand the type of licensing will be required for the design.

16. How much time are you willing to give?

Make sure you have time to make a creative design for the client and finish the project before the committed delivery time.

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