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An Exclusive Interview with Shehraj Singh: Founder of BloggingFire.com

Hello, Friends Today I’m going to stat interview series on this blog. Now we are conducting interviews with pro bloggers that will help us to learn blogging.

Nowadays everyone wants to earn online money. There are numerous ways that are helpful to make online money.

Blogging is one of the best methods to make money so a lot of young guys take keen interest in blogging.

That’s why we have started interview series on my blog because it will help the newbie to learn blogging skills from pro bloggers.

We got an opportunity to take an interview of Shehraj Singh from BloggingFire.

He is a blogger, affiliate marketer & an entrepreneur at a young age.
Shehraj proved that age is not a barrier if you want to achieve your desires.

Let’s start the interview:

Welcome to DigiTech Trends. Could you please share something about you, your work, your online portals, and blogs?

Hi, I am Shehraj Singh. I am a blogger, Writer and Online Entrepreneur by heart. I am running a blog called bloggingfire.com, which has bloggers to create an outstanding blog.     

I run my SEO agency called YoStarter. Where I help local businesses to grow their business to the next level.

How did you get into blogging?

As Usual, I was scrolling videos on YouTube, I found a video where someone taught that YouTube pays money for making videos. So, I created my first YouTube channel and uploaded videos on it.

One day, I came to know that I can also monetize my time by writing text.

So I started my own blog and start working on it. At that time, I did not have any passion to make videos but I have a passion for writing. so I decided to blog and left my YouTube Journey at that time.

What is your life mantra and how you motivate yourself?

I’m a workaholic. I just believe in a Quote that is,
“Tomorrow is the Busiest Day”
I follow this quote and Train my mind that goals that I’ve decided today need to be achieved at any cost. I work smartly to get my tasks done.

For Motivation, Sandeep Maheshwari is my first choice. But, that motivation is temporary motivation. You’ve to make yourself like that, Motivation comes from you.

How do you keep yourself updated on the latest trends about blogging & digital marketing? Which are your top favorite sites/blogs you visit every day?

To keep updated me with blogging I follow SEO news sites like Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Land and SE RoundTable.
On these websites, I came to know about new updates, that are rolling In the digital world.

Most Visits: Search Engine Land, Backlinko and Search Engine Journal.

What was the most challenging part of your journey? How did you overcome those challenges?

This is the number one issue that comes across to me is being productive.

I’m a lazy person, did want to do hard works. But loves doing smart work.
I just overcome this issue by finding the easiest ways to do some work.
I just try to find automation opportunities in every work.

What were the mistakes you made in your initial days? Which you would suggest newcomers shouldn’t do?

I have done lots of mistakes in my journey. But the thing is we have to admire those mistakes and figure out how we can fix it. 

The biggest mistake in my breaking journey is I added a no-index tag to all pages of my website. This means I give the command to Google not index my website on your pages.

Now what, every day I am thinking that Google hates my Blog. so, they did not want to index my site on their pages hide and lots of practices like Building backlink, creating high-quality content getting some social shares. But my website is not indexing on Google.

One day when I was checking the source code of my site I saw that I add a no-index tag in my head section on that day I figure out this is my number one mistake. so I fixed it 

After that, My site started indexing on search engines.

How do you collect the idea to write on your blog? What are your favorite tools and why?

I maintain a list of my Competitors. In non-productive times, when I am not in the mood to write or to do any work I just sit down and analyze my competitors. I just go and analyze their best content. 

I use Trello to manage my content ideas. I Created a board with name Text Ideas, where I manage all my content ideas.
My favorite tool is Ahrefs and SEMrush. Because they make my work super easy. 

Which strategies you use for link building and which one is your favorites?

I use lots of strategies to build backlinks, but my favorite strategies are,

  1. Broken Link Building
  2. InfoBait (Personal)
  3. Guest Blogging

What are your favorite ways to generate traffic on your blog? How do you connect with influencers and industry experts?

My most favorite way to generate traffic to my blog is SEO. Then I completely rely on social media And Guest Blogging.

To connect with influencers in my industry. I engage with them, By commenting on Blog Posts and Social media posts. I just want to get noticed that, they remember my name.

After that, I contact the influencer on email or FB messenger. Try to make a connection with them. Sometimes, I pitch them to contribute a guest blog on their site or do some content contribution on their blog.

What was your parent’s expression when you first time told about blogging & online money?

They said do whatever you want, But your study didn’t need to be affected.

How did you make your first dollars? How was your feeling at that time?

I developed an app for my friend on the AppyBuilder platform for 220 rupees. That was my first income.

What do you think about the future of blogging? What is your opinion about blogging? Is it an easy & quick way to make money?

The future of blogging will always remain bright. Because Man will never leave reading the text. Maybe, We will change the medium to distribute the content. But, the concept remains the same.

Blogging is not a Get Rich Quick Scheme. You’ve to give your proper dedication to blogging then it will work for you. If you only, want to make money then you can go for affiliate marketing.

Top 3 qualities that you think must for success?

  1. Consistency
  2. Self-Belief
  3. Learn, Implement & Share

What are your favorite books? Which book you would be recommend to blogger and why?

  1. Rich Dad Poor Dad.
  2. Expert Secrets By Russel Brunson.
  3. Dot Com Secrets By Russel Brunson.

Very soon, I’m going to publish an article about this on my blog very soon.

What is your future plan?

My Future plan is to make Blogging Fire as one of the most popular brands in the world. And, My small venture YoStarter as a Billion Dollar company.

Few tips for newbie bloggers who want to succeed in blogging?

First Focus on creating High-Quality content, Improve your writing skills. Comeup with the proper plans and goals. I also manage a goal sheet to write my goals.
Focus on building authority in the niche. After that, Start growing your blog and at the end, Be an Active Learner, Not a passive learner.

Share a quote that inspires you a lot

This is a quote by Rahul Bhatnagar,

Spend Like a Beggar, Invest Like a King.

Connect with Sheraj Singh:

Blog: https://bloggingfire.com
Website: https://yostarter.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ishehraj
FB: https://www.facebook.com/bloggingfire

Final Words:

I hope you will like this interview.
Please share your feedback via the comment section.

Soon, I’m going to do more interviews with other famous pro bloggers.

If you want to get featured on the DigiTech Trends platform then email us digitechtrendzs@gmail.com .

Digital marketer and startup advisor. He writes about SEO, Digital marketing, eCommerce and technology news.

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