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Effective SEO Link Building Strategies for 2023

Link building does not rely on quantity anymore but rather it focuses on quality. 

In today’s day and age, it is very important to have an effective link-building strategy if you want to market your brand to its potential.

There are tried and tested link-building strategies that you can use today. You will be able to see significant changes with these effective link-building strategies.

Link Building is pivotal for optimizing your SEO. It is one of the most important methods of making your site high quality that gets organic traffic.

Link building plays an important role in determining your site’s rankings when people are searching for the topics, products, and services they are looking for.

The more links lead to your site the more your chance of getting higher search rankings by Google, Bing, and Yahoo, etc.

If you want to be better than mediocre sites in your niche then you need to hunt for high authority domains that can link your work to their site. 

To achieve such a level of success you need to follow these 8 easy and effective link-building strategies that will get you a high authority domain for link building.

It is not a short-term process where you will see immediate results. You need to put in the work and these strategies will guide you to build your links that resonate with high-value results.  

1. Guest Posting

Guest Posting is a conventional and one of the oldest methods for link-building strategies. 

How does Guest Posting work? When you pitch to a website and write an article as a guest post, it is known as Guest posting. They publish your work and in return, you get to link your website or article in it. 

This way you can attract and make a follow-up for audiences who have come to read your guest post. 

Now the main question is how to find sites that want guest posts? You can use Google Search operator commands to search for appealing sites in your niche for guest posting or guest blogging.

Here is a query that can help you get what you are looking for:

topic + intitle: “write for us”

This query or command can help you find the “write for us” page for websites and you can start pitching to those websites for guest posting. 

2. Create and Distribute Infographics

Creating and distributing infographics can be very beneficial and will help you increase organic traffic to your site.

You will get many backlinks and there is a high potential that you will also get quality links from a high authority domain. The best part is that you won’t even have to ask for links if the infographics you provide are professional.

Sources said that infographic content in a website earns 178 percent more links. Infographics are a medium where people easily understand the data or statistics and any information that an infographic is showing.

If you are not a designer and it is hard for you to create an infographic then you can always hire a good graphic designer who has expertise in this field. 

Keep in mind that hiring a graphic designer for an infographic can be expensive so make sure that you have the budget for it. 

Internal links are underrated but they are very effective for optimizing the SEO of your website

Even some experts overlook Internal links for link-building strategies but not today.

Internal links are usually counted as those links or hyperlinks present in your content, not your navigation website. 

Internal links can pass the authority from one page to another in the same domain. This helps your website make internal linking and overall optimization.

It also guides visitors to check out relevant content and has a sense of getting all the information in one place. As long as your internal links are relevant and where you put it makes sense, you can use internal links as many as you want. 

The conversion rate becomes higher with the internal linking structure because of the prompt for calls to action. Visitors will be tempted to know more about the product or service you are writing about in the content and it will make them engage even more. 

Broken Link strategy may seem like a cheat but it is a legitimate way of link-building strategy.

This is for those who do not have a lot of time writing content to post regularly in their blogs. 

If you are B2C content marketing then it is hard to keep making content regularly. Busy marketers can belong to any group, brand, or niche. This is why many people adopt the Broken links Strategy.

A broken link strategy is simply the process of finding links which no longer work AKA broken link and replacing it with your content that contains the same information. 

If a web owner or blogger linked a particular webpage and that webpage is broken, he can easily replace it with a high-quality webpage. That high-quality web page, on the other hand, will receive a boost in search engine optimization and a valuable link.

5. Data and Research

Data and research related to your topic content can be critical when it comes to generating backlinks.

Data is full-fledged information that backs up whatever the other person is writing about. 

If an author writes about something and it contains information that needs sources then the author can cite data provided from a trusted source.

For example, when someone writes “ google prefers the longer form of content for ranking higher in the search engine” then the author can use the link of trusted studies of data and research to back up his content.  

Now readers who are not convinced with the line mentioned above in quotation can check out the sources provided by the author.

Another pro tip for making a data and research page is to include charts and infographics as these elements make readers more engaged.   

If your competitors are getting more traffic and ranking higher on search engines then you need to start analyzing your competitors.

Spying on your competitors, especially when they are ahead of you in terms of monthly traffic and getting backlinks, is a very smart move to help your website reach its potential.

Knowing what keywords your competitors are ranking and where they are getting their backlinks from can be a powerful way to improve your website.

Replicating competitors’ backlinks can help you immensely and you can do it using tools like Ubersuggest.

Simply go to Ubersuggest and start writing the website name of your competitors in the search bar. After that, you can press enter and one of the results shown will be of backlinks.

Click on the backlinks box and a drop-down list will show up where you will see sites linking to your competitors. 

Now you can start focusing on those high domain and page authority sites from which your competitors are getting the backlinks.

7. Case Studies

Case Studies are a vital piece of information that many high authority domains would want to link. 

If your case studies are promising, have accurate information, and are valuable then you will build multiple links from various websites.

Case studies that contain facts and stats are the ones high authority domains are always looking for. 

So if you want to be perceived as a high-value author and earn lots of backlinks then make sure your case studies revolve around facts and stats.

Apart from just writing high-quality case studies, you need to deliver those case studies on time. There is much minute information that has been released for the first time to the world and if you manage to make a case study as soon as possible, you will be preferred by websites as opposed to someone who made the case studies a little late. 

8. Create Something Controversial

Making content that sparks opinions and little criticism can be good for your website sometimes.

When people start talking about the things you wrote in your content in the comment sections, other people start writing about it on their blogs and potentially link to the original post. 

So create something controversial, you don’t have to force people to think it’s controversial but just interesting enough for people to start talking about it. 

Many experts have used this method to achieve quality links where their contents raised some sort of disagreement among a certain group of people. 


The amount of quality links you get for your website holds a lot of importance when it comes to rankings and search engine results. Not just the links, the experience you provide to your readers that comes from search results or the links.

Keep posting high-quality content that is well optimized and has a backbone of a great marketing technique.

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