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Exclusive Interview With Saurabh Tiwari: A Digital Marketer, Blogger & Founder of Techibhai.com

Hello Friends, I’ve started the blogger’s interview series on my blog also published interviews of popular bloggers. As we know reading the interviews of professional bloggers give positive energy and helps newbies to learn the advanced blogging skills from pro bloggers.

Today we are sharing the interview of a well-known name in the blogging industry. Our today’s interview series we have Saurabh Tiwari who is the founder of Techibhai.com. He always helps people wherever possible. He also an active member of many Facebook groups where he helps bloggers and solves their queries as possible.

He is a blogger, digital marketer & an entrepreneur. I’ve asked a few questions to explore his journey.

Let’s jump into the interview without any delay!

Please introduce yourself to DigiTechTrends readers?

Thank you so much, DigiTechTrends for inviting me for an interview at your blog.

Here is my short introduction for your blog readers: –

I am Saurabh Tiwari, a blogger, an SEO Freelancer and a learner from Small-town of District Pratapgarh (Uttar Pradesh). I write about Blogging, Social Media and Technology on my blog TechiBhai and my Business site AllDigiTrends.

I have also appeared as a Guest Author on a few Authority blogs a few popular ones include Your-story, Tweakyourbiz, 3nions and many more.

What is your educational background? How did you come to know about blogging?

I graduated in Bachelor in Computer Application at ITS, Ghaziabad, I was working in Web Development firm as SEO Executive, One of my office colleague insisted me to start a blog. Back in 2014, I started to blog just to see if it was, in fact, possible to make money online.

How Much Time Do You Spend On Blogging? How Do You Motivate Yourself?

When I first started blogging back in 2014, I just want to earn money, and I remember I used to work around 2 hours per day on it because of my full-time job, usually at night, before going to sleep. This period lasted around 6 months. After that, I started learning more about blogging, so I spent all day working on them (around 4 hours per day). Activities included SEO, research, promotion, content writing, and networking.

This period lasts around 2 years.

Well, back in 2017, I left my full-time job, and now I am a full-time blogger, So right now I spend around 8 hours per day on my blog. I am getting motivation from reading the successful blogging journey of my fellow bloggers, Like My friend Santanu made $7000 in just 4 days in last Black Friday. These types of story motivate me to work hard, as blogging have enough potential.

What Was The Most Challenging Part Of Your Journey?

I started out as most new bloggers do, using a particular niche topic I was super enthused about and very limited knowledge of how to successfully make and manage a blog. 6 years I can now say I succeeded in my mission to be a blogger.

But, it wasn’t an easy ride to get and most definitely didn’t come without its own obstacles and challenges Like Content Writing, Planning, Time management, Design (if you are part time blogger) in the beginning of blogging.

What Is The Importance Of Networking In Blogging? How Do You Do That?

Yes, communication and networking with other bloggers and freelancers is extremely important, suppose you are a freelancer and you need a freelancer work if another blogger knows you, and you worked with him before, 2nd blogger surely recommend your name to 3rd person.

“Networking May lead you to Everything You’re Searching for”

Local meet-ups, seminars, and professional networking event provides me a great opportunity to present yourself, make new connections.

What Were The Mistakes You Made In Your Initial Days? Which You Would Suggest Newcomers Shouldn’t Do?

1st – “When I started blogging, I thought it would be a fast process

2nd – My second mistake was writing with proper keyword research what I wanted to write and then wondering why I wasn’t getting page views and traffic

3rd – The 3rd mistake that I made, I was not building network with other bloggers and not getting involved in the blogging communities on Facebook and social media sites.

How Do You Get The Idea To Write On Your Blog? Which are your favorite blogging tools And Why?

It is a common problem among all bloggers that we run out of blog post ideas I do these things to get great blog posts ideas-

#1 – Competitor Analysis (My Favorite Method)
#2- Ask people for idea
#3 – Questions on Reddit/Quora

I have listed here a few of them, check out:
for task management
Google Analytics – To Check insights on visitors & its demographics, bounce rate, and traffic source.
Buffer – To Schedule blog post on social media
Grammarly– For grammar spell check & plagiarism Check and proofreading
Google Webmasters Tool
Ahrefs and SemRush – For backlink analysis, keyword research
Google Docs– To create and manage your documents online
BuzzSumo – For trending blog post idea
Canva – For Image Editing

How Do You Promote Your Blog?

When I’m answering this, I’m sure you definitely know many ways to promote Blog Content. But, Here are some Effective & Efficient way, that I follow to Promote my blog articles
#1 – I do Share my blog post on different social media sites
#2 – I Re-purpose my content another medium like slideshow, PDF, video, info-graphic
#3 – I do Share my articles into Scoop-it, MIX, Bizsugar, Growth hacker Communities, etc.
#4 – Answer on the Question-Answer site like Quora to the relevant questions with a link back to your blog article.

What Are Your Favorite Ways To Generate Traffic On Your Blog? How Do You Connect With Influencers And Industry Experts?

All of the above-mentioned ways, I follow to generate instant traffic. And for new post, I frequently do Guest posts, blog comments to generate traffic to my blog, Even I do my blog articles on viralcontentbee, This work like share for share.

LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook Groups and other social outlets are a good place to begin your efforts in connecting with influencers.

How do you Manage your time? How many hours you work on your blog?

I do manage my blogging activities according to my freelance SEO work and other tasks. Some times I spend around 10+ hours on my blog.

How Did You Make Your First Dollars? What are your major Earning Sources?

For me it was Blog, back in 2014, when I started my blog, After 6 month, I made $30 from publishing a paid article on my blog (Sponsored post) Here are my income streams
1– By Offering Services like (SEO, Content Writing, Link Building, and Guest posting service)
2 – Sponsored Post and Product
3 – Google AdSense
4 – Affiliate Marketing
5 – I am trying my hand Amazon Affiliate too

Blogging Vs. Youtube In 2020?

I Agree, Nowadays everything related to the search of users is available in the video format on YouTube, Even most of the people spend more time on Instagram, Snap-chat, So this shows that the more amount of traffic will go towards the video content.

Around 60-80% of the internet traffic is on the youtube, But you may try these tricks to safeguard your blog

#1 – If you have created any videos, link out your article on that
#2 – It’s better to work on micro niche or Affiliate product website

What Do You Think About The Future Of Blogging?

In my opinion future of blogging is perfectly safe. People will always need blogs, and the best part is that we can utilize other powerful mediums and integrate them into our blogs, such as videos, Podcast, visual content, such as infographics, that has the potential to boost conversions by 80%.

What Are Your Favorite Books/Movies? Which Book/Movie You Would Be Recommend To Blogger And Why?

I love to watch TV Series and movies, but it’s very disappointing that I don’t read books much excepts e-books
Here is the list of books and e-books, and Movies I recommend Movies/ TV Series:-

Catch me if you can
Social Network
Forrest Gump
The Shawshank Redemption
The Pursuit of Happynes
Breaking Bad
Black Mirror
The Good Place
Four more shots
Forgotten Army
E-Books and Book
The Growth Hacking Book (By Rohan Chaubey and Parul Agrawal)
Keyword Research eBook (By Anil Agarwal)
Email List Building Using Facebook Ads (By Gururaja Murthy Devarangadi)

Would you like to share some SEO, Blogging tips to Newbies that help them to Get Success in blogging?

Just do it! Try it, But if you are passionate and consistent then don’t do it! If you like it keep writing, Keep posting articles on your bog! If you do that with proper planning people start relating to you!

Final Word:

Thank you, Saurabh, for giving me your valuable time & sharing your thoughts to our blog readers.

If you find this interview is helpful, please do share it on your social channels and also share your feedback via the comment section.

5 thoughts on “Exclusive Interview With Saurabh Tiwari: A Digital Marketer, Blogger & Founder of Techibhai.com”

  1. You made some really good points there. I looked on the internet for more information about the issue and found most individuals will go along with your views on this site.

  2. Hello,

    This is an awesome interview. I know Saurabh personally from past a few years. We are Good Friends. His knowledge in SEO and tech is just awesome. I am a regular reader of his blog Techibhai. He is also very generous when it comes to helping others. Keep inspiring us all.

    Vishwajeet Kumar
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