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Where to Buy Groceries Online Zimbabwe

Online grocery shopping has been a boon to the whole world. It is technology’s gift to mankind in the troubled times of the pandemic. But, what gained traction as a need during those times, slowly emerged as a trend in the post-pandemic period. Given the multiple advantages of online grocery shopping, shoppers in our country Zimbabwe have continued to shop for their grocery needs online, just like the rest of the world. 

ShopExpress, an online grocery store, Zimbabwe has been giving shoppers all over the country the benefit of online grocery shopping since the pandemic times. Let’s see all the benefits of online grocery shopping, and why ShopExpress is the best online grocery store in the region.  

Benefits of Online Grocery Shopping 

The reasons why online shopping has caught up even after the pandemic is because of multiple advantages. Let’s see the benefits of shopping for groceries online: 


Traditionally, shopping for groceries has been nothing short of a chore. Long drives, and long queues at the grocery store and at the checkout ― all add up to the stress. 

Online shopping facilitates customers to shop from their devices while sitting and relaxing at the home. 


The whole process of going to the grocery store and shopping also eats up your personal time. This is the time for yourself and your family that gets used up in shopping. 

Online shopping can shorten the process while letting you order the same products. Online ordering is as simple as opening the website, selecting, and then online checkout. All can be achieved very fast. 

In fact, online shopping can easily let you plan events like parties. While you can invest your time in the planning of the event, you can simply click and order products, and leave the grocery shopping to the delivery service of the online supermarket.  

Compare and buy 

In brick-and-mortar stores, you buy what you see. Price comparisons are difficult and time-consuming. If you fail to locate a product, you can’t buy it. 

Online shopping websites like ShopExpress feature advanced search, that allows users to search for the needed products easily and conveniently. 

Better Shopping Experience

Extending to the benefit shared above, online buying on websites like ShopExpress allows the shopper to buy from previous purchase history, buy related products, and more. This helps with quick and precise shopping. 

ShopExpress – Complete online grocery store shopping

As we discussed above, online Grocery Shopping has multiple benefits. For us in Zimbabwe, ShopExpress has been offering the benefits of online shopping since the testing pandemic times. Let’s see what the fantastic online supermarket has in store for its shoppers. 

Wide range of quality products

ShopExpress offers a wide variety of only the best quality products. From traditional items to contemporary ones. From international brands to local ones, it has everything for everyone. 

It covers many categories including 

  • Fresh produce.
  • Quality Butchery Products, Seafood, and Delicatessen.
  • Bakery items. 
  • Dairy and Poultry.
  • Health and Wellness. 
  • Breakfast and Groceries.

Best prices

To increase the benefit of such a good range of products, the online supermarket offers the best prices for shoppers on a variety of products. All prices are the best offers in the market. Buyers get value in buying quality products.  

Additionally, Grocery Hampers are offered regularly on the platform. 

Easy payment option

ShopExpress has multiple payment options for customers. Cash On Delivery allows customers to pay at the time of delivery with cash. Additionally, they can pay with multiple other options like their favorite credit or debit card. Cards from Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are accepted on the platform. 

Free delivery on bulk purchases

The online grocery supermarket also offers free delivery for its customers. If they choose to buy products in bulk, there will be free delivery for them. This can help in reducing their grocery costs further. 

White Glove Delivery 

Grocery items are unlike regular products. They need to be packed carefully to ensure that they stay fresh and reach the customers in good condition. ShopExpress does that ― It uses professional techniques to pack the food products carefully and precisely. The quality of the contents is preserved and they reach the customer’s doorsteps in pristine condition. 

Order from anywhere

You can be anywhere in the world and still order from ShopExpress. All you need is a system ― sign up, choose from the products, choose a payment method, and done! The groceries will be delivered to your friends and family back home in Harare. 

Furthermore, ShopExpress is available for you 24X7, 7 days a week. You can order with a few clicks and get groceries delivered to your homes 

Wrapping up 

Online grocery shopping has significant benefits, which is why it is continuing to be popular throughout the world, in spite of the fact that the worst of the pandemic crisis is behind us. 

ShopExpress, online grocery supermarket brings all the benefits of online shopping to shoppers in Harare, Zimbabwe. Buyers can choose from a wide range of quality products, available at attractive prices, and get them delivered to the comfort of their homes. 

For those, who still find the charm of offline shopping hard to resist, ShopExpress even has a physical store that stocks all the popular food products, available online.

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